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Emergency Response Diving

ERDi Diver Level Course

ERD I This entry-level emergency response diving course is designed to give the public safety diver the fu...

ERD II This ERDI course enables the public safety diver to develop detailed knowledge and advanced skills in emergency response diving.

ERDi Ops Component Courses

ERD Drysuit OPS The ERD Drysuit OPS course is designed to develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary for drysuit diving operations in emergency response diving.

ERD Full Face Mask OPS The ERD Full Face Mask course provides the skills and knowledge for the ERD diver to utilize full face masks for emergency response diving.

ERD Ice Diving OPS Conducting emergency response operations in an overhead environment, such as ice diving, presents hazards and challenges to the ERD team not found in normal situations.

ERD Ice/Surface Rescue OPS This non-diving ERD course will train and prepare rescue teams to properly respond and execute operations to retrieve victims who have broken through thin ice conditions.

ERD Tender The ERD Tender course trains team personnel to properly line tend and participate within the public safety dive team in a non-diving role.

ERDi Contaminated Water Diver ... The ERDI Diving in Contaminated Water Ops Component is one of the most challenging public safety diver training programs.

ERDi Professional Courses

ERD Supervisor The training you will receive in the ERD Supervisor course will prepare you to supervise ERD team operations as well as assist ERD Instructors with training.

ERD Instructor The ERD Instructor course is the next step in the ERDI Professional realm.

ERD Instructor Trainer ERDI’s highest teaching level is the Instructor Trainer rating.