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  • Rebreather Cave Diver

Rebreather Cave Diver

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1. This Program is designed to train divers in safe cave diving and, if doing Technical Cave, the technical utilization of EANx for cave exploration, and the use of EANx and oxygen for decompression.


1. If entering through modular route, must be qualified as Introductory Cave Diver, with proof of a minimum of 50 logged dives. If not qualified as Introductory Cave Diver must have proof of 100 dives or sufficient experience doing technical dives to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.
2. If taking the course on a Rebreather must have 20 dives with 35 hours of dive time on the Rebreather.
3. To enter Technical Cave (Technical Diver) in addition to #1, student must be qualified as an Advanced EANx Diver, or Advanced Recreational Trimix Diver or equivalent experience or training as determined by the Instructor.
4. Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.

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