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Scuba Services

Equipment Service and Gas Fills
Coral Edge Adventures provides regulator and BCD service for all of the major lines we carry.  If we sell it, we will service it!  Manufacturer certified Hollis CCR and eSCR Rebreather technicians on-site in our O2 clean room.  We also provide SCUBA tank Visual Inspection, Eddy Current, and Hydrostatic Testing.  Additionally, we can provide you with pre-blended Nitrox, custom Nitrox blends, and Trimix Blends.
*All equipment service is done by manufacturer-certified technicians on-site in our state-of-the-art service center with a standard turn-around time of 14-21 days.


 Item    Price
 Tank Fill - Air  per tank  $8.00
 Tank Fill - Nitrox  per tank  $11.00
 Oxygen Fills  per cu ft.  $0.63 / cu ft.
 Trimix Fills  per cu ft.  $1.65 / cu ft.
 Regulator Service  per stage  $38.50
 Regulator Service - O2 Clean  per stage  $48.00
 Regulator Service - Rush Fee per stage  $55.00
 Regulator Assemble & Bench Test purchased
at CEA
 BCD Service    $25.00
 BCD Assemble & Bench Test purchased
at CEA
 Battery Check/Pressure Test plus parts    $25.00
 Cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP)  Air  $25.00
 Cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP)  Nitrox  $30.00
 Cylinder Visual Inspection (VIP)  RUSHED  $40.00
 Cylinder Valve Service    $30.00
 Cylinder Hydrostatic Test - Aluminum  Aluminum  $35.00
 Cylinder O2 Clean - Aluminum  Aluminum  $35.00
 Cylinder Hydrostatic Test - Steel  Steel  $45.00
 Cylinder Tumbling - Aluminum  Aluminum  $30.00
 Cylinder O2 Clean - Steel  Steel  $35.00
 Cylinder Tumbling - Steel  Steel  $35.00


Buy or Rent Gear

Visit our retail store and you will be greeted by our friendly and knowledgeable staff ready to assist you. You will also find the largest selection of dive gear and equipment in the D.C. Metro Area. Coral Edge Adventures strives to educate our customers on the many options available when selecting the right equipment suited for your diving needs. We will then educate you in the use, care, and maintenance of your selection. Please visit our shop and check out our extensive inventory and tell us about your interest in scuba or your latest dive adventure.

We also rent gear if you are not quite ready to buy, or just need a tank or warm water wetsuit for a fun weekend of diving.



 Rental Item  Daily  Weekend  Weekly
 Wetsuit - any thickness/size/sex  $10.00  $15.00  $40.00
 BCD Rental  $10.00  $15.00  $45.00
 Drysuit Rental*    $120.00  $250.00
 Weights (includes weight belt)  $1.00/lb  $1.00/lb  $1.00/lb
 Regulator setup w/ Gauge      
 Regulator setup w/Computer  15.00 20.00 65.00
 Aluminum Tank w/Air fill  $8.00  $15.00  
 Aluminum Tank w/Nitrox fill  $12.00  $19.00  
 Steel Tank w/Air fill  $12.00  $NA  
 Steel Tank w/Nitrox fill  $15.00  $NA  
 Full Package Rental* $58.00 $85.00  
 Rebreather Rental  Please Inquire
 * Drysuit rental includes drysuit, bunnysuit/underwear, boots and carry bag.  Customer will need to purchase seals as they are to be cut to each individuals measurements. Certification card required.
 * Full Package Rental includes wetsuit, BCD, regulator set w/gauge or computer
 * Customer will need to show their C-card before renting certain gear/equipment and for Nitrox fills
 * With each rental you will need to fill out a Liability Release and Assumption of Risk Equipment Rental Agreement
 * Prices subject to change without notice


Professional Training

At our home base, Coral Edge Adventures has grown a dedicated team of dive professionals.  We offer courses from a beginner level all the way to the professional level with specialty certifications in the middle.  Start your new adventure today and become a certified SDI Open Water Scuba Diver for only $625.



Please give us a call or stop by our shop to get more information on our services and training.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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